Where learning is child's play


A parent participation school

San Pedro Cooperative Nursery School — tucked away in the quaint & historical Weymouth Corners of San Pedro, CA — is a fully licensed co-op preschool owned and operated by parents for their children.

We provide a safe, nurturing, diverse community of families and staff working together to foster the creative, social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development of our children.

Low monthly membership dues

Look around. We’re one of the most affordable in the South Bay! And it’s due to high parent involvement.

Fully Accredited

ECERS accredited – Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale & Member of California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools, Inc. (CCPPNS).

Community Support

We are affiliated with many small businesses in the area that are also committed to supporting our children’s education.

Why Choose a Co-Op?

The Co-Op experience is a special opportunity to stay involved and connected with your child in these precious early years where a lot of changes and learning moments are happening. Direct participation gives you as parents a firsthand view of your child’s learning and development, and you get to be present as they unfold.

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What a privilege to be part of my daughter’s preschool experience. I love being able to participate and that all of the other families show the same interest.

Aimee Guerrero

Being part of her discoveries is priceless… I love the San Pedro Co-Op because it has given me the opportunity to see my daughter grow and learn by having fun. The fact that I get to work some days and be part of her discoveries is priceless, she loves the school as much as i do and we are ready for the next fall when my son will be joining this unique and beautiful place.

MarisolAlexia's Mom

I have watched my daughter blossom into this beautiful preschooler. They grow up so fast. I wanted her to have a wonderful and loving memory of her first two years in school. And I have found that at the Co-Op. This school was my first choice for several reasons, I am an exhaustive researcher. When I visited, the kids were all positive and happy and productive.

Amie Smirni


The Co-Op offers a stimulating and fun learning experience
through a play-based, developmentally appropriate preschool curriculum.

Field Trips

Exciting educational excursions to local businesses

Music & Movement

Enhancement of musical appreciation and physical coordination.


Introduction to kitchen basics and safety, and where food comes from.

Creative Art

Plenty of painting and craft activities. There is no right or wrong, only fun!

Beautiful Classroom & Play Areas

Both inside and out, our facilities provide a comforting and rewarding environment for our children to explore.


Scientific principles made simple.