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Aimee Guerrero

What a privilege to be part of my daughter’s preschool experience. I love being able to participate and that all of the other families show the same interest.

Being part of her discoveries is priceless… I love the San Pedro Co-Op because it has given me the opportunity to see my daughter grow and learn by having fun. The fact that I get to work some days and be part of her discoveries is priceless, she loves the school as much as i do and we are ready for the next fall when my son will be joining this unique and beautiful place.

Alexia’s Mom

Amie Smirni

I have watched my daughter blossom into this beautiful preschooler. They grow up so fast. I wanted her to have a wonderful and loving memory of her first two years in school. And I have found that at the Co-Op. This school was my first choice for several reasons, I am an exhaustive researcher. When I visited, the kids were all positive and happy and productive.